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Experience the 14th largest river in the U.S. first hand while learning about the aquatic and riparian wildlife and plants as well as the importance the rivers are to the global ecology and the challenges they face as we balance human activity (recreation, expansion, agriculture, etc.) with preservation of our wetlands and river ways.

Enjoy a day or several days and camping along the 187 miles of the Willamette River Waterway on a fun filled canoe or kayak adventure.

IFC canoes and PFDs are limited as we grow and available on a first come first serve basis.  If you own your own canoe or kayaks and PFD’s we urge you to bring them allowing more to experience the fun. We rely on the generosity of our patrons and like-minded idealists as ourselves through donations to fund our activities and equipment so there is no “short end of the stick” – just a great time in a relaxed atmosphere with fun loving people focused on the beauty of Mother Nature and the things we all share in common as humans.

Day Trips


Our Willamette Adventure day trips start at Alton Baker Park for those who want to experience a more exciting ride or at the Beltline West Boat Ramp and end in Harrisburg Park with a picnic lunch on the banks of the Willamette along the way.

Multi-Day Trips


Multi day trips vary from 2-5 days and start at the Beltline West Boat Ramp with takeout varying from Albany to Portland.