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IFC Nature Adventures was formed as an organization of the Independent Faith Church to promote love and appreciation for nature by sharing our passion for the outdoors particularly in the Pacific Northwest.

We are based in Eugene, OR and our goal is to help others to appreciate the beauty around us through activities and events exploring the wonders of nature and learning together as we go.  Our hope is that as we learn about and appreciate our environment we will feel a desire to preserve and protect it.

We are new at this endeavor on a public scale with lots of room to grow and improve with the help and support of like-minded individuals and participants.

Our Philosophy

You can hike the same trail every day with your focus on getting to the end and it will become boring in a very short time.

You can hike the same trail every day with your focus on exploring and you will discover something new each time.

So it is in life. What seems routine can be an adventure of discovery if we focus on exploring rather than on the destination.

On your daily hike through life follow no one but your higher self and walk with many to explore through each other’s eyes.

There are no gurus, there are no masters.

We are all one.

About The IFC and Barbequia

We are a trans-denominational organization and we do not engage in proselyting, or dogmatic conversation. A fundamental principle of our organization is to focus on what we all share in common as humans rather than our relatively few differences.

Our goal is to discover new ways to implement our motto which is Simple, Peaceful, Happy, Loving Living.

For more information about The Independent Faith Church, visit our web site at www.ifc.barbequia.com

For more about our philosophy of Simple,  Peaceful, Happy, Loving Living (Barbequia) and how to implement it in your life, visit our web site at www.barbequia.com

David "Pawpadog" Moreno

Dave is an avid outdoorsman with a love and passion for nature and enjoys sharing it with everyone.

President and founder of Barbequia, The IFC and IFC Nature Adventures, author and wannabe philosopher with a background in business, holistic naturopathic medicine, herbalism, religious philosophy and many alternative healing modalities; Dave has simplified his life to implement and share his philosophy of Barbequia and “Simple, Peaceful, Happy, Loving Living”.

A transplant to Oregon in 1999, with a love for the state and its natural wonders instilled by his Oregon native grandfather, Dave strives to explore and learn as much as possible about the components that make up the grandeur of the scenery we all know while enjoying the excitement and fun his exploration activities offer.